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Register to Vote

Voter registration is faster and easier than ever!

In the United States, voter registration is the responsibility of the people, and only 70 percent of Americans who are eligible to vote have registered. is a nonpartisan organization committed to reaching the remaining 30 percent. We simplify the voter registration process, making it faster and easier for you to get involved and become an active voice in our democracy.

Note: After completing this online form you will be able to download your Voter Registration form. It will also be emailed to the email address you specify for convenience. Once received please print out your form and complete boxes 6 ( ID number - normally Drivers License number or last 4 digits of social security) & 9 (Sign the application) based on state-specific instructions included with the your Form. You must then mail the form to a state or local election office for processing. Uniformed service members and overseas voters should not use this form to register to vote. Instead, they should fill out the Federal Post Card Application, available at Register to vote today and start exercising your right to make a difference.